Austausch zwischen Kunststudierenden in NRW & Prag


Prague 29.10.-4.11.2018 (first part)
Bochum 20.11.-26.11.2018 (second part)

Advancing as professionals what artists and cultural creators lack most is the possibility and the time to find artistic freedom for dialogue and for producing art without pressure. Artists and cultural creators, especially those at the beginning of their professional life, are forced to work goal orientated in order to establish their work on the market. In doing so the contact to institutions, galleries and art festivals within the region they are based in is what is mainly initiated and fostered. Only rarely the view is opened up to aesthetics and ways of production outside the respective country. It is however the international exchange which inspires the individual artistic work and professionalizes the approach to topics and aesthetics. Students at the end of their studies and artists at the beginning of their professional career are increasingly asking themselves which conditions artists from other countries are facing, what the grant- and production structures do look like, which aesthetic questions are being asked and which topics are in focus?

In 2018 Szenische Forschung @ Ruhr University Bochum initiates an exchange with Czech Republic and in it focuses on the dance and theatre scene in Prague. The program is aimed at artist in the field of Dance and Theatre, as well as young artists from Czech Republic at the beginning of their professional career. The reasons for an exchange with artists from Czech Republic are to be found in the appealing Czech art forms of dance and theatre which is positioned between the priorities of performance, physical theatre and artistic. The involvement with artists who’s work strongly focuses on the body is promising and a fruitful dialogue can be anticipated. On a topical level an increasing orientation towards political questions can be perceived. Collectives working in the fields of theatre and dance increasingly grapple with the Czech sense of national identity as well as with the question of the future of Europe. Offering the focal point of „Proximity and Distance“ the exchange program wishes to encourage a critical and political dialogue between the participants across national borders.

The program provides all costs for accommodation, travel expenses, workshops and artistic program.
Food is not included.
Everyone is welcome.

Please send your CV until OCTOBER, 18th to

The Project can be realized through financial support from

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