OVERCOME YOURSELF! Independent theatre between empowerment and self-optimisation

Academy-Conference on June 21st

10:00–12:30 UNDER CONTROL?
Guidance and optimisation in artistic processes

Management techniques are omnipresent: life and business coaches, trainers and counsellors claim how work and the everyday can be guided, calculated and optimised — in ways that range from one’s own well-being and performance to the working process and its results. This development is also being felt in the independent theatre and in artists’ training. Theatremakers are accompanied by mentors and coaches, artistic works developed in workshops and feedback sessions and projects evaluated once they have been completed. But does this guarantee that the art will be any good? And how much scope remains for work, intuition and improvisation where the results are truly open?

Artists and academics from a variety of disciplines discuss the links between artistic practice and management discourse, reflect on what effects techniques to raise performance and quality have on artists and artistic outcomes and discuss potential alternatives to current developments.

Keynote by Axel Haunschild (Institute of Interdisciplinary Labour Studies, Leibnitz Universität Hannover)

Impulses and discussion by and with: Sara Brandtstedt (management coach), Dragana Bulut (choreographer, represented in the Impulse Showcase with HAPPYOLOGY), Stefan Hölscher (Institute of Theatre Studies, Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Axel Haunschild, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (Institute of Art and Culture Studies, University of Copenhagen)

Language: English and German

12:30-14:30 Break and artistic programme

With Noam Brusilovsky’s PARURESIS, katze und krieg’s AUF DEM GEPARDEN & Ale Bachlechner’s THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION

14:30–17:00 OPTIMISED SCENE?
Transformations of the independent theatre between institutionalisation, empowerment and new alliances

In recent years the independent theatre has successfully advocated better working conditions, higher funding budgets and greater visibility. In many places theatre practitioners are thinking about how to remove institutional structures of power, create new opportunities for access and organise themselves in more solidary fashion. The panel attempts to assess the situation: how have artistic processes and their outcomes been changed by these developments? How diverse and solidary is the scene really? And who is sitting in the audience? Can the independent theatre continue to claim it is a critical corrective? And what role can it play in future in cultural politics and society: as an area of resistance, a representative cultural institution or something in between?

Keynote by Marta Keil (curator and researcher, Performing Arts Institute Warsaw)

Impulses and discussions by and with: Melmun Bajarchuu / Adele Dittrich Frydetzki (Initiative for Solidaritity in Theatre), Matthias Frense (Ringlokschuppen Ruhr), Julian Kamphausen (Performing Arts Programme), Marta Keil (Performing Arts Institute Warsaw), Moritz Kotzerke (Wem gehört die Kunst?), S.E. Struck / Philine Velhagen (Palais Temporär) and Elisa Liepsch / Julian Warner (‚Allianzen. Kritische Praxis an weißen Institutionen‘)

Languages: English and German

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