OVERCOME YOURSELF! Independent theatre between empowerment and self-optimisation

Academy-Workshops on June 20th, 22nd & 23rd

Workshop 1:
THE SELF. A toolkit for post-patriarchal self-optimisation

Magdalena Emmerig / Rahel Gloria Spöhrer (THE AGENCY) and a personal trainer
Language: German

How does my self need to be constructed for me to be able to exist in the world of independent theatre? Do I need qualities with “masculine” connotations to be recognized and to be successful — and do I even want to embody these? Which alternative qualities and self-narratives can be found? Together with the artists’ collective THE AGENCY and a personal trainer the participants will create a counter toolkit that serves the radical self-analysis of the patriarchal and neoliberal strategies we embody and contains tools that will help us to act in an anti-patriarchal manner and to subvert the often gendered logics of norms, efficiency, power and exclusion. In readings, talks, self-analysis and analysis of systems, physical exercises, digital research and investigations of artistic practices and works, tools will be developed to imagine a post-patriarchal self.

Workshop 2:
THE WORK. Feedback between collective obstinacy and market conformity

Manolis Tsipos / Billy Mullaney (alumni of DAS Theatre Amsterdam) and Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (Institute of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen)
Language: English

What kind of theatre will be created if the state of the work is continually made subject to discussion in feedback processes? Does retrospective and prospective collective thinking change artists’ signatures? Does this result in weaker and less self-centred artistic positions – or rather in smoother products that operate in an optimised manner on the art market? Participants will discuss these questions together with the artists Billy Mullaney and Manolis Tsipos (alumni of DAS Theatre Amsterdam) and the cultural researcher Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (doctoral candidate at the University of Copenhagen) and explore a range of critical formats with reference to examples of their own work.

Workshop 3:
THE ORGANISATION. Fighting for solidarity and participation within independent theatre structures

Melmun Bajarchuu / Adele Dittrich Frydetzki (Initiative for Solidarity in Theatre) and Marta Keil (Performing Arts Institute Warsaw)
Language: English

Which practices are required to achieve more solidary forms of organisation, an opening up of decision-making processes and fairer opportunities for access in the theatre? And how does work on theatre change once those involved in a building or a production regard themselves as accomplices and continually question their own position and privileges? Do these struggles purely affect working conditions or do they also impact on the outcomes of artistic work and how these are perceived publicly? And how is it possible not simply to reflect oneself but to regard these struggles as conflicts with current social and economic conditions? The participants will discuss these questions together with Melmun Bajarchuu and Adele Dittrich Frydetzki from the Initiative for Solidarity in Theatre and Marta Keil from Performing Arts Institute using accounts of their own experiences, concepts and ideas or alternative forms of organisation.

Workshop 4:
THE SECTOR. Between critical corrective and efficient cultural institution

S.E. Struck / Philine Velhagen (Palais Temporär) and Julian Kamphausen (Performing Arts Programm)
Language: German

In recent years the independent theatre has become a serious player in cultural policy with an international network. At the same time many independent theatre practitioners continue to operate within improvised structures — whether this is due to lack of support from local or regional cultural agencies or from a deliberate personal choice. What future role does the independent theatre want to take in cultural policy and society? Will it remain a critical corrective and area of experimentation or rather a paradigm for the agile and efficient cultural institutions of tomorrow? And does more professional and better equipped automatically mean better? S.E. Struck (SEE!) and Philine Velhagen (Drama Köln), who with Palais Temporär have created an artistic laboratory and mobile centre in Cologne without being tied to any institution, invite you to a discussion about future models for the independent theatre together with Julian Kamphausen (Performing Arts Programm).

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