Staging Complexity Lab ::: Workshops are fully booked

Symposium & Workshops ::: 19th-22nd March 2020 ::: Theatre Dortmund

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[!] The workshops is fully booked – visit the symposium or the showcases.

Who can participate? Staging Complexity addresses all students from the arts and cultural sciences, art and culture professionals at the beginning of their careers as well as associated actors from computer science, logistics or other sciences concerned with digital transformation who are interested in the crossover of art and digitality. Registration is based on the ‚first come, first served‘ principle.

To register, please answer the following questions and send them to by early march:

  • What are you interested in concerning the lab’s topic? What questions do you bring with you?
  • What is your educational background and what (artistic) activity do you do?
  • Do you need accommodation from March 19th to March 22nd? (only by appointment; limited capacities)?
  • Is there anything to watch for at lunch (allergies etc.)?

The Staging Complexity Lab is hosted by Cheers for Fears in co-production with the Academy for Theater and Digitality, the Dortmund Theatre and the (Hartware MedienKunstVerein). Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State NRW and Kunststiftung NRW.

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