Call for Applicatons ::: Showcase Emerging (post)digital artists ::: Apply untill March 1st

Staging complexity. Art & theatre in the digital age ::: 19th-22nd March 2020 ::: Theatre Dortmund

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Während des Labors Staging Complexity bietet am 20.3. ab 20 Uhr ein Showcase jungen Künstler*innen den Raum, eigene bereits realisierte Arbeiten zu präsentieren, die sich mit den Themen des Labors auseinandersetzen. Ob performative, installative, klangliche oder partizipative Ansätze – wir freuen uns auf Eure Einsendungen.

Part of the Staging Complexity Lab is a showcase for art students and emerging artists on March 20th. from 8 p.m. It offers the opportunity to present works that deals with topics and questions of the lab. Whether performative, installative, sonic or participative approaches – we look forward to your submissions.

Apply untill March 1st: Please introduce yourself and your artistic work, the technical specifications and the required spatial setting. The presentations may take place in the studio (approx. 6 * 8m), in front of the studio and in public spaces, e.g. the theatres forecourt. Send us picture / video material and tell us about upcoming show dates.

The showcase will be paid with 300 € per participating artist.

The Staging Complexity Lab is hosted by Cheers for Fears in co-production with the Academy for Theater and Digitality, the Dortmund Theatre and the (Hartware MedienKunstVerein). Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State NRW and Kunststiftung NRW.

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