Art & Coding – Lab for experimental encounters by Cheers for Fears & the Academy for Theatre and Digitality

April 23 & 24, 2022 kick-off ::: June 3 & 4, 2022 programme conclusion

The student initiative Cheers for Fears for art and art theory students in NRW and the Academy for Theatre and Digitality (Dortmund) are organising a creative encounter lab for non-hierarchical knowledge exchange in the field of the arts and digitality from the end of April to the beginning of June. Students and young professionals in the arts and in coding, research and creative engineering based in NRW are invited.

Cheers for Fears is creates spaces for encounters beyond education and production constraints. We get to know each other, which often leads to fruitful collaborations over time. First of all, it is about giving and taking knowledge in a non-hierarchical way and collectively solving problems and concerns that we bring from our own practice to the lab. And according to the motto „Cheers for Fears“, we open a space to share our fears and reflect on how we respond artistically and collaboratively to the extreme upheavals we have had to experience with Covid-19 and the war on Ukraine.

On the kick-off weekend on 23 and 24 April 2022, we will start at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality at the Dortmund Theatre with impulse lectures, collect ideas and form interdisciplinary teams according to our concerns. Puppeteers will connect with VR designers, coders with activists and composers with video artists to get to know each other’s working methods and concepts and to start directly with projects and try-outs.

In the following weeks, the teams work in a self-organised way on individual dates. Spatial capacities for this can be organised. Specific mentoring – among others by Fellows of the Academy for Theatre and Digitality – can accompany the rapid leap into practice and offer an insight into concrete digital strategies. First results will be presented on 3 and 4 June 2022; the teams will discuss their approaches among themselves and add suggestions, associations and visions.

Apply by 15 April to with information about yourself, your artistic background and a letter of motiva-tion (max. 1 page).

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